Toronto Rental Survey
August 2021 Results Summary

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Toronto Neighbourhoods

At Hausworth, we use open data from various federal, provincial, and municipal sources combined with the unique crowdsourced data from our visitors to rate neighbourhoods, city blocks, schools, and more.

You can find profiles of all of 140 Toronto neighbourhoods sorted by various criteria, or displayed visually on a map - for example, using the combination of the top 3 criteria (schools, safety, and demand) for areas to live in Toronto.

August Toronto Rental Survey

Recently, we kicked off a rental survey to validate the data available from rental listing sites and get a better picture of the current rates in various areas of Toronto.

Below you will find a high level summary of the information contibuted by our visitors in August. The more data is contibuted, the better insights we will be able to provide to all of our visitors - always FREE.

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1 Bedroom Units
First, here are the average rental amounts paid by survey participants for 1 bedroom apartments across the city. On the left you will see the indication of whether the unit is an apartment or a condo unit, as well as the approximate age of buildings in the category:

Toronto rental rates for 1 bedroom apartments

2 Berdoom Units
Similarly, below are the average rates for 2 bedroom apartments as reported by our visitors:

Toronto rental rates for 2 bedroom apartments

What's Next
The survey is now open again for your contributions - and the results will be updated and shared with all at the end of the month.

Contributors will receive personalized reports for their area, if enough data is collected for the neighbourhood.

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