Full list of Toronto public schools reporting COVID cases

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NOTE: If you’re interested in the cases reported over the course of the 2020-2021 school year, you can view numbers for each of the schools here.

From the beginning of the school year up to December 10, 2021 these 320 schools (out of the toal of 825 public schools in Toronto) reported at least 1 COVID case:

School Total Students Staff Resolved
Adam Beck Junior Public School110
Africentric Alternative School2002
Agnes Macphail Public School1001
Allenby Junior Public School1001
Alvin Curling Public School6006
Amesbury Middle School3003
Annette Street Junior and Senior Public School1001
Anson S Taylor Junior Public School2002
Arbor Glen Public School220
Bala Avenue Community School3201
Balmy Beach Community School110
Banting and Best Public School1001
Bayview Middle School1001
Beaumonde Heights Junior Middle School2002
Bedford Park Public School110
Bellmere Junior Public School101
Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School4301
Beverley Heights Middle School110
Birch Cliff Public School2002
Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute440
Blake Street Junior Public School1001
Blantyre Public School110
Blaydon Public School110
Bliss Carman Senior Public School1001
Bloor Collegiate Institute220
Bloordale Middle School5104
Blythwood Junior Public School2002
Brian Public School1001
Bridlewood Junior Public School220
Brimwood Boulevard Junior Public School1001
Brookside Public School211
Brookview Middle School110
Brown Junior Public School110
Buchanan Public School101
Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Institute110
C R Marchant Middle School5014
C W Jefferys Collegiate Institute2002
Cameron Public School110
Carleton Village Junior and Senior Public School110
Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute5014
Centennial Road Junior Public School110
Central Toronto Academy3012
Charles Gordon Senior Public School2101
Charles H Best Junior and Middle School110
Charlottetown Junior Public School330
Chester Elementary School4202
Chester Le Junior Public School9108
Chief Dan George Public School110
Churchill Heights Public School2002
Claireville Junior School110
Clairlea Public School9108
Claude Watson School for the Arts110
Cliffwood Public School2002
Clinton Street Junior Public School2101
Cornell Junior Public School220
Corvette Junior Public School5104
Cosburn Middle School11110
Cresthaven Public School1001
Crestview Public School110
D A Morrison Middle School110
da Vinci School110
Dallington Public School3201
Danforth Collegiate Institute and Technical School220
Danforth Gardens Public School110
David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute3102
Davisville Junior Public School1001
Daystrom Public School110
Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School3003
Denlow Public School110
Dennis Avenue Community School110
Dewson Street Junior Public School5401
Diefenbaker Elementary School3003
Don Mills Middle School2101
Donview Middle School2002
Dorset Park Public School2002
Dovercourt Public School3003
Downsview Secondary School211
Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle School202
Duke of Connaught Junior and Senior Public School110
Dundas Junior Public School101
Dunlace Public School110
Earl Beatty Junior and Senior Public School110
Earl Grey Senior Public School1001
Earl Haig Secondary School5104
East York Collegiate Institute110
Eastdale Collegiate Institute101
Eastview Public School110
Eatonville Junior School101
Eglinton Junior Public School2101
Elia Middle School3003
Ellesmere-Statton Public School4112
Elmlea Junior School10217
Emery Collegiate Institute101
Etienne Brule Junior School330
Etobicoke Collegiate Institute2101
Etobicoke School of the Arts2002
Fairbank Memorial Community School110
Fairglen Junior Public School110
Fairmount Public School3003
Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School220
Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School220
Finch Public School3003
Firgrove Public School2101
Fleming Public School1001
Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School7205
Forest Manor Public School220
Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy3201
Galloway Road Public School110
Gateway Public School1001
General Brock Public School220
General Crerar Public School110
General Mercer Junior Public School101
George Anderson Public School330
George Harvey Collegiate Institute1001
George R Gauld Junior School12507
George Syme Community School4004
Givins/Shaw Junior Public School110
Glamorgan Junior Public School2002
Gledhill Junior Public School110
Glen Ames Senior Public School110
Glen Park Public School110
Glenview Senior Public School220
Gordon A Brown Middle School4004
Gracefield Public School3003
Greenholme Junior Middle School211020
Greenland Public School110
Grenoble Public School200020
Grey Owl Junior Public School110
Gulfstream Public School110
H J Alexander Community School1001
Harrison Public School110
Henry Hudson Senior Public School1001
Highcastle Public School1001
Highview Public School2101
Hollycrest Middle School4103
Howard Junior Public School110
Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School9108
Humbercrest Public School440
Humberside Collegiate Institute202
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy110
Humewood Community School12912
Hunter's Glen Junior Public School13904
Huron Street Junior Public School5203
Ionview Public School3003
J R Wilcox Community School110
Jackman Avenue Junior Public School6006
James S Bell Junior Middle School220
Jarvis Collegiate Institute110
Jean Lumb Public School440
Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior Public School101
John A Leslie Public School3201
John Buchan Senior Public School110
John D Parker Junior School110
John English Junior Middle School220
John Fisher Junior Public School110
John G Diefenbaker Public School11110
John McCrae Public School5005
John Polanyi Collegiate Institute1001
John Wanless Junior Public School5401
Joseph Brant Senior Public School4301
Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit Scho1001
Keele Street Public School110
King Edward Junior and Senior Public School312
King George Junior Public School110011
Kingsview Village Junior School1001
Knob Hill Public School5005
Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School1001
L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute110
Lanor Junior Middle School330
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute220
Leaside High School110
Lescon Public School110
Leslieville Junior Public School4202
Lester B Pearson Collegiate Institute321
Lester B Pearson Elementary School1001
Lord Roberts Junior Public School110
Lynngate Junior Public School2002
Malvern Collegiate Institute3102
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute10631
Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School220
Martingrove Collegiate Institute110
Mary Shadd Public School2011
Mason Road Junior Public School2011
Maurice Cody Junior Public School7511
McKee Public School110
McMurrich Junior Public School8404
Meadowvale Public School110
Military Trail Public School330
Mill Valley Junior School6204
Millwood Junior School8107
Milne Valley Middle School330
Monarch Park Collegiate Institute110
Montrose Junior Public School2002
Morse Street Junior Public School4103
Nelson Mandela Park Public School101
Newtonbrook Secondary School220
Niagara Street Junior Public School1001
Norman Cook Junior Public School1001
Norseman Junior Middle School4103
North Albion Collegiate Institute202
North Bridlewood Junior Public School4202
North Preparatory Junior Public School330
North Toronto Collegiate Institute220
Northern Secondary School211
Northlea Elementary and Middle School110
Northview Heights Secondary School3003
Oakdale Park Middle School5104
Oakridge Junior Public School220
Oakwood Collegiate Institute1001
Oasis Alternative Secondary School1001
O'Connor Public School110
Orde Street Public School1001
Owen Public School1001
Park Lane Public School1100
Park Lawn Junior and Middle School2101
Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School2101
Parkside Elementary School2002
Pauline Johnson Junior Public School2002
Pauline Junior Public School3102
Pelmo Park Public School2002
Percy Williams Junior Public School110
Perth Avenue Junior Public School330
Poplar Road Junior Public School110
Portage Trail Community School211
Presteign Heights Elementary School110
Princess Margaret Junior School220
Queen Victoria Junior Public School110
R H King Academy1001
R H McGregor Elementary School1001
R J Lang Elementary and Middle School3111
Ranchdale Public School1001
Rawlinson Community School7313
Regal Road Junior Public School220
Richview Collegiate Institute220
Rivercrest Junior School110
Riverdale Collegiate Institute4301
Robert Service Senior Public School220
Rockcliffe Middle School1001
Rockford Public School110
Rolph Road Elementary School101
Rose Avenue Junior Public School220
Rosedale Heights School of the Arts2101
Rosedale Junior Public School660
Roselands Junior Public School110
Rosethorn Junior School220
Runnymede Junior and Senior Public School4202
Ryerson Community School Junior Senior330
Samuel Hearne Public School110
Second Street Junior Middle School2101
Sprucecourt Junior Public School3111
Seneca School1001
Shaughnessy Public School220
Sheppard Public School321
Shirley Street Junior Public School110
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute170017
Silverthorn Community School2002
Sir Adam Beck Junior School2002
Sir Ernest MacMillan Senior Public School2002
Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate Institute2002
Sir Samuel B Steele Junior Public School220
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute1001
Sloane Public School440
Sprucecourt Junior Public School110
St Andrew's Middle School110
St Margaret's Public School1001
Stanley Public School110
Steelesview Public School110
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute110
Stilecroft Public School110
Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School110
Swansea Junior and Senior Junior and Senior Public School237016
Taylor Creek Public School110
Tecumseh Senior Public School110
The Waterfront School220
Thistletown Collegiate Institute5104
Thomas L Wells Public School3003
Thorncliffe Park Public School2613013
Three Valleys Public School1001
Tom Longboat Junior Public School2002
Topcliff Public School211
Tredway Woodsworth Public School220
Tumpane Public School3102
Twentieth Street Junior School110
Valley Park Middle School7511
Victoria Park Elementary School220
Vradenburg Junior Public School4202
Walter Perry Junior Public School110
Wedgewood Junior School1001
Wellesworth Junior School550
West Glen Junior School220
West Hill Collegiate Institute220
West Hill Public School220
West Humber Collegiate Institute10433
West Humber Junior Middle School110
West Preparatory Junior Public School330
Western Technical & Commercial School3102
Weston Collegiate Institute761
Weston Memorial Junior Public School2101
Westview Centennial Secondary School220
Westway Junior School9504
Westwood Middle School220
Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts6204
Wexford Public School110
Wilkinson Junior Public School431
William Burgess Elementary School2101
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute3012
Willow Park Junior Public School3201
Willowdale Middle School4202
Wilmington Elementary School2101
Winchester Junior and Senior Public School330
Windfields Middle School4121
Winona Drive Senior Public School110
Withrow Avenue Junior Public School3201
Woburn Collegiate Institute1001
Woodbine Middle School1001
York Humber High School101
York Memorial Collegiate Institute431
York Mills Collegiate Institute4004
Yorkview Public School110
Zion Heights Middle School1001